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Ila Van - The Ila Van Collection

Dados do disco:
Nome: The Ila Van Collection
Artista: Ila Van
Ano: ?
Gênero: Blues/Soul/Northen-Soul

01.What's The Matter Baby
02.It Must Be Love
03.What You Mean To Me
04.Cruising With The Blues
05.Can't Help Loving That Man
06.I've Got The Feeling
07.Got To Get To Jim Johnson
08.Your Love
09.Keep On Laughing Baby
10.Every Little Living Dream
11.My Mother Said
12.You Made Me This Way
13.Now That I Need Him
14.Flying Solo Tomorrow
15.No Good Jim
16.Ila Vann Interview - DJ Kevin Roberts - February 2003

Dados do arquivo:
Formato das músicas: MPEG
Tamanho do arquivo: 70,6 MB


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